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Lint Free Wipes

SamSol™ DG Wipes

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Applications for this Product :

Aerospace Approvals
Banner brand
Banner brand; cleaning products
Flux removal
Industrial cleaning
Manual Cleaning
Metal cleaning
Metal degreasing
Precision Cleaning

Manual cleaning Strong Low lint WIpes Pre-Saturated With modified Hydrocarbons.

Samsol DG Wipes are designed to clean a wide variety of residues from a wide variety of surfaces. For aerospace applications, Samsol DG Wipes are Rolls Royce approved. For electronics cleaning Samsol DG wipes will remove polar residues. The solvent features low non-volatile residue, and fast dry times. It replaces solvents such as IPA, MEK, toluene, acetone and other low flash point solvents.

Samsol DG Wipes will remove both polar and non-polar residues including greases, mineral oils, synthetic oils, lubricating oils, water-soluble oils, fingerprint salts and oils, rust inhibitors, particulate matter and dust.

  • Rolls Royce CSS No. 255 Non-Aqueous Cleaning Fluids

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