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Solvecare – solvent handling system

Minimise the risks associated with handling of hazardous chemicals used in precision & electronics cleaning.

The Banner Solvecare system comes with a drum of material, pump, connectors and adaptors, this is all you need to set up and use the products in a safe and efficient manner, these are available to buy or supplied on a rental basis to suit your needs.

–  Cleaning

–  Degreasing

–  Surface treatment

–  Drying

–  Lubricant deposition

–  Heat transfer

–  Cold cleaning

–  Vapour degreasing processes

–  Open cleaning baths

–   Fully enclosed non-emissive systems

– Trichloroethylene

– Perchloroethylene

–  Methylene chloride

–  n-propyl bromide

–  fluorinated solvents

Eliminate solvent emissions during transfer to and from the degreaser.

Minimise operator exposure on filling and emptying.

Significantly reduce the risk of site/ground water contamination.