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PCS provides products for defluxing PCB’s, assemblies, misprints, stencils and adhesives, printer underwipe, condensation trap and solder frames. Chemicals available for vapour degreasing, aqueous cleaning (spray and immersion), Bi-solvent cleaning, Co-solvent cleaning, and manual cleaners in wipes form or aerosols.

Medical components from scalpels to breathing apparatus require the highest levels of decontamination. Any implement that is required to be in an operating room or even to perform procedures, has to be precision cleaned to extreme tolerances. PCS currently supply multiple medical companies and are ready on hand to help with your requirements

With the ever improving technology of optical lenses and cameras, the precision cleaning has had to improve with it. The newest 3D and 4k movies are now largely limited by the quality of lens that display this footage. Banner Chemicals and Precision Cleaning Solutions currently supply companies that have been nominated or have won Oscars for their work in the Film industry. Whether its pre-washes or final assembly, PCS aims to help produce the highest quality lens and camera cleaning products available on the market./p>

Whether it is major international Aerospace companies or regional subsidiaries, the Aerospace industry is ruled by approvals. Nothing can be put into a commercial or military aerospace application without rigorous testing and specific approval. PCS prides itself on the array of aerospace approvals it has accumulated over a wide range of products. From vapour degreasers to cold cleaning wipes we provide a solution to any cleaning requirement.

Electroplating, Enamelling, Heat Treatments and Coating applications to name but a few, all need precision cleaning before, during or after production and PCS has the product suited for every niche of the market. From low cost, high turnover solvents, to highly specific NASA approved cleaning fluids, there is always a product ideal for any need.

Supplying all aspects of the automotive industry is something that PCS has done for many years. As well as supplying companies for new builds, and specific component manufacturers we also supply the refurbishment sector. Formula 1 is a sport where thousandths of a second count and only the best components make the cut; PCS solvents help create this competitive edge.