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SamSol™ -5, -40, -60

SamSol™ -5, -40, -60

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SamSol™ -5, -40, -60


Applications for this Product :

Banner brand
Banner brand; cleaning products
Banner brand; degreasing
Metal degreasing

Samsol 5, Samsol 40 and Samsol 60 are a series of low cost proprietary blends of isoparaffinic hydrocarbons for manual cold cleaning. In the world of cleaning, solvents with low flash points evaporate more quickly than solvents with higher flash points.

Flash points:

  • Samsol 5 = 5°C flash point (fast evaporation)
  • Samsol 40 = 41°C flash point (medium evaporation)
  • Samsol 60 = 64°C flash point (slow evaporation)

Sometimes the choice is based on government storage regulations instead of evaporation. Each of these products has been formulated to fit in a different levels of both UK and USA fire safety regulations. In that case, customers choose the solvent with the lowest flash point that regulations allow on that industrial site.

Samsol 5, 40 and 60 are all effective for the removal of oils, grease and other organic residues.