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Applications for this Product :

Aerospace Approvals
Industrial cleaning
Metal cleaning
Precision Cleaning
Precision Cleaning Solutions

Formulated to meet Aerospace cleaning specifications, M-Aero heavy duty aqueous cleaner is used when corrosion to the metal surface is a major concern as in the case with aerospace alloys like aluminium, magnesium, and titanium. This product is also effective and safe on steel, stainless steel, copper and brass.

M-Aero is a versatile cleaner used primarily in spray washers but is also effective in immersion, agitated immersion and ultrasonic units. It is also the product of choice for use in hand held pressure washers and steam generators.

M-Aero cleans a wide variety of contaminants like machining oils, stamping lubricants, rust preventatives and other commercial and industrial soils. When left on metal surfaces, M-Aero provides temporary indoor rust protection during storage and between operations.

Aerospace approvals:

  • Boeing BAC 5763, Emulsion cleaning and aqueous degreasing, type II. Class I and II, grade B
  • Boeing BAC 5749, Alkaline cleaning
  • Boeing D6-17487, Exterior and general cleaners and liquid waxes
  • Boeing PS 12024 Cleaning, aqueous degreasing
  • AMS 1526B, Cleaner for aircraft exterior surface water-miscible, pressure spraying type
  • Douglas aircraft CSD #1, general purpose cleaner
  • Pratt and Whitney PMC 1440 Aqueous metal cleaner
  • Rolls Royce CSS 204 aqueous cleaners

FAQ: What is the difference between M-Aero NS and regular M-Aero?

Answer: M-Aero NS is non-silicated and has passed ATSM compatible testing with sensitive plastics such as polycarbonate and rubber. M-Aero heavy duty cleaner is more aggressive and thus can more easily remove difficult residues.

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