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Solvex™ HD+ for Measuring Bitumen Content of Asphalt

The Business Challenge:

A major UK based asphalt and aggregate producer operated multiple quarries which carried out bitumen testing of asphalt. To carry out this measurement, the quarries were using the most common method, which involved extracting bitumen from a weighted sample of asphalt using methylene chloride. The process then followed the direct (Aliquot) or indirect (Pressure Filter) procedure. However, methylene chloride required special health & safety procedures for handling, transportation and storage.

Leveraging Solvex™ HD+:

To avoid using this hazardous substance, the quarry piloted the use of Solvex™ HD+ to extract bitumen from asphalt samples. The pilot achieved it’s aims with regards to H&S, environmental compliance and cost effectiveness of the process.
The aggregate producer rolled out Solvex HD+ to their quarries nationwide, and they continueto use Solvex HD+ for their asphalt bitumen testing.


Quarry Supervisors, Technical Managers, Laboratory Supervisors, Laboratory Technicians, Weighbridge Clerks


A non-flammable, fluorinated solvent used for bitumen testing of asphalt.


Developed as a safe, environmentally favourable and effective alternative to methylene chloride


  • Advanced precision cleaning
  • High purity carrier solvent
  • Degreasing & immersion