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Perklone-MD for Degreasing in Aerospace Metal Finishing Applications

The Business Challenge:

A UK-based precision engineering firm offered metal finishing for aerospace manufacturers. They used Trichloroethylene (Trike) in their vapor degreasing process. An aqueous cleaning method was attempted but couldn’t meet the required finish without high energy usage. 

Utilizing Perklone-MD in an Enclosed Vapour Degreasing Machine:

Banner Chemicals proposed the implementation of Perklone-MD (Stabilized Perchloroethylene) within an enclosed vapour degreasing machine. Notably, Perklone-MD holds aerospace approvals for vapour degreasing, making it an ideal choice for the precision engineering firm to meet exacting aerospace standards.
By adopting this solution, the precision engineering firm achieved their targeted outcomes for process efficiency, cost-effectiveness, safety and superior finishing quality.


Process Engineers, Production Managers, Operations Managers, Procurement Officers, Purchasers


A vapour degreasing process used to remove greases & oils from aerospace assemblies



Effective alternative to Trichloroethylene.

Aerospace Approved

Reduced TCO compared to aqueous cleaning processes