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BannerClean EC Aqueous Defluxer

BannerClean EC Aqueous Defluxer

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BannerClean EC Aqueous Defluxer

Applications for this Product :

Aerospace & Military Electronics (Avionics)
Banner brand
Banner brand; cleaning products
Flux removal
Industrial cleaning
Precision Cleaning

Electronics / AVIons Aqueous Defluxer For For Spray & Agitated Immersion Applications

BannerClean EC aqueous defluxer is a new, aqueous cleaning product for circuit board assembly and electronic component cleaning for general electronics and critical electronics such as avionics. This product quickly removes many types of no clean, lead-free and rosin solder flux residues after normal and high temperature soldering operations.

BannerClean EC aqueous defluxer is a concentrated mixture of water-dilutable solvents with a proprietary additive package for corrosion inhibition and solder brightening. This product has been specially formulated for low foaming when sprayed-in-air. BannerClean EC aqueous defluxer is considered low in toxicity, readily biodegradable and contains no monoethanolamine (MEA), halogens or heavy metals.

Product benefits include: Cleans Wide Range of Flux, High Soil Loading Capacity, Low Odour, Low Foaming, Non Halogenated, RoHS Compliant, Leaves Bright Solder Joints, Versatile Application for both ultrasonic immersion and spray equipment, Non-flammable in use and Non Hazardous for shipping.